Learning Wix: How to Change the Template of Your Site?

wix how to change template

It can be tricky when you’re still learning Wix: how to change the template? If you want to give your Wix website a fresh look, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to do just that!

Can You Change Wix Templates for Existing Sites?

If you’re just getting started on Wix, then no worries! You can pick whichever template you like for your site. Unfortunately, you can’t change your Wix template if you already have content on your site. You would have to start from scratch with a new template. But there’s a workaround – keep reading to learn about it!

The Workaround for Wix: How to Change Templates in 2022

What you can do is use the website builder to create a new site with the desired template, then transfer all the content as well as your premium plan and domain to it. It takes a little work, but it’s worth it if you really want to refresh your site on Wix. How to change templates using this method? Follow these steps:

  1. First, create a new site with the template you want.
  2. If you have a Premium plan, reassign it by going to “Premium Subscriptions” > “Show More” (…) > “Assign to a Different Site.” Check the box next to the new site, then click “Next” > “Assign.”
  3. Reassign the domain by going to “Domains” and clicking “Show More” (…) next to the domain in question. Select “Assign to a Different Site,” ten select the new site and click “Next” > “Assign.”
  4. Now, you can start moving content between the two sites. To copy an entire page, open the old site’s Wix Editor and click “Menus & Pages” on the left. Right-click the page you want to move and select “Copy.” Open the Editor of the new site and right-click anywhere on the screen. Select “Paste & Apply Site Theme.” In the “Pages” panel, give a new name to the page.
  5. Repeat the process for all pages, and soon your content will be transferred!
  6. You can also transfer singular elements by copying and pasting them.
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Transferring Your Wix Blog

If you had a blog on the old website, you can transfer it as well. Simply open the dashboard of your new site, click the “More Actions” menu, and select “Import Another Wix Blog.” Click “Get Started” and choose the site you want to import blog posts from. Click “Next,” confirm the information you’re asked to confirm, then click “Import Posts.”

Now that you know how to change the site template on Wix, give it a go and see what new possibilities open up for your website. Unfortunately, the described method has drawbacks that can’t be solved until Wix makes it possible to change templates for existing pages. Keep reading to learn more.

Drawbacks of Creating a New Wix Site

You already know that on Wix, “how to change templates” is not a simple issue at all. It’s true that you can transfer all kinds of things between sites (including Premium plans, domains, pages, elements, media, colors, fonts, and more). However, you cannot transfer:

  • premium apps;
  • contacts;
  • site members;
  • business features (e.g., bookings, invoices, stores);
  • email marketing;
  • marketing integrations.

This means that you’ll have to set up some things from scratch after transferring your content. In particular, if you’re running a business on your Wix site, you’ll have to reconfigure all your business features, as well as any marketing integrations you might be using. Wix makes it possible to export some of this data (e.g., contact lists), but not all of it.

How to Edit Your Current Template to Give It a Fresh Look?

If you’re not quite ready for all that work, you can try to give your site a fresh look without changing the template. Here are some ideas:

  • Add and delete sections: You can play with the layout all you want.
  • Change the background and colors: Go to “Design” and experiment with the color palette and background options.
  • Change the font: There’s a “Fonts” section under “Design” that allows you to change the entire font family for your site.
  • Choose a different menu style: Click on your menu and click “Change Style” to preview the available options.
  • Choose a different page style: Similarly, you can go to “Pages” on the left toolbar, open settings and select “Change Style.”
  • Upload new images: In “Media,” add some new photos or videos.
  • Install apps: Wix has a huge app market with all kinds of features you can add to your site.
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As you can see, there are many ways to customize your website on Wix. How to change templates? The easiest way is to make the current template your own! Play around with the design and add new features until you’re happy with the result. If you want to start from scratch, though, you can always create a new site for your brand.

Have you ever changed the template on Wix? Share your experience in the comments below!

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