Learning Wix: How to Change the Domain Name of Your Site?

wix how to change domain name

Once you’ve changed your business name and branding on Wix, how to change the domain name to match? It’s actually very easy to do. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take in order to make the switch.

How to Change Your Free Wix URL

If you’re using the free URL that was generated for you when you first created your site on Wix (for example, yourbusiness.wixsite.com/yoursite), then you can easily change it in your Account Settings. Just update the “Account name” field and click “Save Changes,” and the URL will follow suit.

You can also change your site address separately by going to your site’s dashboard > “Site Actions” > “Rename Site.” There will be a field for your “Site Address (URL)” – enter your desired URL here and click “OK.”

If you’re using Premium Wix, how to change the domain name? Keep reading to find out!

Premium Wix: How to Change Domain Names?

If you’re using a paid plan, you’ve probably connected a custom domain name to your site (like YourSiteName.com). In this case, you’ll need to purchase a new domain to match your new branding. You can do it through Wix or another host. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the “Domains” page on your Wix account.
  2. Click “Buy a Domain” if you want to get one from Wix.
  3. Enter your desired name and extension in the search field and click “Search.”
  4. Now, you’ll see whether your chosen domain is available. If it is, click “Get It” to begin the registration. If it’s not, search for something else – there’s bound to be a domain you’ll be happy with. Maybe changing the extension will do the trick?
  5. Choose the registration period (how long you want to own the domain for) and click “Continue.”
  6. Add your personal information and billing details and click “Continue.”
  7. Select a Privacy Protection Level (Full or Basic) and click “Continue.”
  8. Select a payment method.
  9. Click “Submit Purchase,” and you’re done!
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If you’ve already purchased a domain from another source, choose “Add an Existing Domain” instead and select whether you want to connect or transfer it (the former means that the domain will still be registered with the original host, but Wix will host your DNS). Then, follow the instructions on the next page.

Turn Off Auto-Renewals for Your Old Domain

If you’re no longer using your old domain, make sure to turn off auto-renewals so that you’re not charged for it again next year. To do this for Wix sites, go to your site’s dashboard > “Premium Subscriptions” > “Show More (…)” > “Cancel Domain” > “Cancel auto renew” > “Submit.” Easy, isn’t it?

Now you know how to move your site to another URL on Wix. How to change the domain name is one question, but how to make sure your old visitors find the new site? Keep reading!

Set Up 301 Redirects From Old URLs to New Ones

If you’re worried about people who visit your old URL and find a 404 page instead of your new, shiny site, don’t be! You can easily set up redirects from your old URLs to the new ones. All you need to do for singular URLs is:

  • Open “SEO Tools” in the dashboard.
  • Click “URL Redirect Manager.”
  • Choose “+ New Redirect” to manually create a 301 redirect.
  • Select “Single Redirect” if you want to redirect one page and “Group Redirect” if you want to take care of multiple URLs that share the same path.
  • Enter the old URL for your homepage under “Old URL,” and the new one under “New URL.”
  • Click “Save & Add Another.”
  • Repeat the process for all relevant pages (e.g., all pages you’ve linked to in the past).
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What if you want to redirect the entire domain name to the new one? It’s even easier! Just go to “Domains” and make sure both domains are connected to your site. Then, click “Set as Primary” next to the new domain. The old one will become the secondary domain and automatically redirect to the primary one after 24 hours.

Enjoy Your New Wix Domain Name!

Now you know how to update your domain name on Wix. How to change the domain name is one thing, but don’t forget about the other steps in migrating your site – like setting up redirects and updating your links. Once you’ve done all that, sit back and enjoy your new branding! And if you ever need any help, the Support team is always there for you.

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