What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track? Tracking Goals

what data is google analytics goals unable to track

Tracking goals in Google Analytics is a powerful way to measure your website’s performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the question “What data is Google Analytics goals unable to track?” and how you can work around this.

What Are the Types of Goals in Google Analytics?

While learning the answer to “What data is Google Analytics goals unable to track?”, it’s important to first understand the types of goals available in GA. There are four main types of goals:

  • Destination Goals, which track when a visitor lands on a specific page or completes a certain action;
  • Duration Goals, which measure how long a visitor spends on your website;
  • Pages/Screens per session Goal, which tracks the number of pages or screens a visitor views during a session;
  • Event Goals, which track specific interactions with elements on your website, such as clicks on a button or playing a video.

What Is Customer Lifetime Value Tracking?

In Google Analytics, customer lifetime value (CLV) tracking is a metric that shows the total sign-ups or conversions completed by a visitor during their time on your website. CLV tracking can be used to show how effective your marketing campaigns are at driving sign-ups or conversions, as well as how long visitors stay on your site. To set up CLV tracking, you’ll need to create a sign-up or conversion goal in Google Analytics.

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This goal will be used to track the sign-ups or conversions completed by visitors. Once you’ve created the goal, you’ll need to add the sign-up or conversion page as a destination URL in your Google Analytics account. You can then use the duration metric to see how long visitors stay on your site after signing up or converting. By tracking these metrics, you can get a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and how they interact with your website.

What Is the Importance of Customer Lifetime Value?

Before learning the answer to “what data is Google Analytics goals unable to track”, it’s important to understand why tracking CLV is important for your business. By understanding the value a customer brings over their lifetime, you can better allocate resources and focus on retaining valuable customers. It can also help inform marketing strategies and target those who are most likely to become long-term customers.

How Does One Remove a Goal From Google Analytics?

While answering the question “what data is Google Analytics goals unable to track” is significant, you may also need to know how to remove a goal from your GA account. To do so, go to the Admin section of your GA account and select Goals under the View column. From there, choose the Goal you want to remove and click on the red trash can icon next to it.

What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track?

While Google Analytics goals can track a variety of metrics, there are some types of data that they are unable to track. One example is phone calls from visitors on your website. If you have a click-to-call button on your website, GA goals will not be able to track the number of phone calls made from it.

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Another type of data that GA goals cannot track is offline conversions. For example, if a customer sees your ad and then makes a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store, GA goals will not be able to track this conversion.

GA goals also cannot track the revenue generated from each goal conversion. This means that you will need to manually calculate the revenue from each conversion in order to track the ROI of your goals and marketing efforts. While there are some limitations to what GA goals can track, it’s important to prioritize the metrics that are most important for your business and focus on tracking those effectively. Additionally, you can work around these limitations by using other tools or combining data from multiple sources.

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