How to Underline in HTML

How to Underline in HTML? Underline Text in HTML With the U Tag

Did you know that you can underline text in HTML? It's true! You don't need to use a special program or font to do it. You can use the standard HTML tags to underline any text you want. In this article, we'll show you how to underline in HTML. Keep reading!
What Is the Difference Between HTML and CSS

What Is the Difference Between HTML and CSS? HTML vs CSS

Many people are confused about HTML and CSS in general. They are not sure what the difference is, or why they need both. In this article, we will talk about CSS and HTML elements, and what they are used for. So, what is the difference between HTML and CSS? Read on to find out.
how to embed video wordpress

How to Embed Videos: WordPress | Our Guide to Videos in WordPress

Including multimedia content in your blog posts is a great way to capture your readers' attention and keep them engaged. WordPress makes it easy to embed videos from popular video websites like YouTube. Today we'll show you how to embed a video. WordPress blog posts can be even more interesting, just use this guide!
wordpress how to update theme

WordPress: How to Update Themes Without Losing Content?

If you're a WordPress user, then you know that it's important to keep your site up-to-date. In this post, we'll show you another important thing on WordPress: how to update themes without losing any of your content. Keep reading for the details!
how to delete site from wordpress

How to Delete a Site From WordPress? | Deleting a WordPress Site

Since you're reading this, you probably want to know how to delete a site from WordPress. Maybe the website is no longer in use, or maybe you're experiencing some technical difficulties. In any case, deleting a site from WordPress is actually fairly easy. Just follow these simple steps!