How to Change Themes on WordPress Without Breaking Anything?

Every WordPress site has a theme, and themes control the look and feel of your content. While there are many themes to choose from, sometimes you may want to switch to a different one. In this post, we’ll show you how to change themes on WordPress. Read on!
how to change theme on wordpress

Why Change WordPress Themes?

A WordPress theme is essentially a collection of files that determine the appearance and functionality of your site. Thus, if you want to change your site’s look, you will have to change its theme.

There are several reasons why you may decide to switch themes on WordPress. For example, maybe you’re unhappy with how your current theme looks or functions, or perhaps you want to experiment with a new design.

Regardless of your reasons for theme change, there are several things that you need to keep in mind when doing so. For example, it is important to make sure that all of your site’s existing content and settings transfer over properly, and that any third-party plugins or widgets are compatible with your new theme.

If you are looking for guidance on how to change themes on WordPress with your site live, read our guide!

How to Change a Theme on WordPress Without Breaking Anything?

You may personalize your site’s look as often as you like. Changing themes allows you to update the existing content of your website with a new design without having to rebuild it entirely. This tutorial shows how to change themes on WordPress and make sure your site looks how you want it to. Here’s the best way to change a theme for your WordPress Website.

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Copy Your Code Snippets

Intermediate WordPress users may choose to customize their website’s code by adding snippets directly to the functions.php file of their theme. If you or your web developer made any changes before, then take some time to look through all the files of your old theme. Make sure to keep track of anything that was added, so you can add it again later into the new theme’s functions.php file.

Make a Backup of Your Site

Before changing themes on WordPress, it is always a good idea to make a full backup of your site. This will ensure that all of your existing content and settings are saved before switching to a new theme. If you are using WordPress, there is a built-in backup tool that you can use. You can also manually export your database and files to your computer via FTP, or back up your site with plugins like BackupBuddy or UpDraftPlus.

Preview Your Themes

Before you go ahead and start switching WordPress themes, you should get an idea of what your new site design will look like. This can be done by going to Appearance > Themes. Now you can click the three dots next to the theme you like, and select Live Demo. You will be able to see the live preview of your new WordPress theme, and see if it is the look that you want for your live website. You have plenty of free and premium themes to choose, so this step might take some time!

Use a Staging Site

If you fear that maybe the new WordPress theme will break everything, then use a staging site for testing. It will allow you to try a new design without affecting your live site. Staging sites are great for testing changes before you publish them to the world. WordPress has plenty of plugins that can help you create a staging site on your domain and change your WordPress theme without breaking your site.

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Switch Your Themes

Now, how to change a theme on WordPress? If you like the look of your new theme, you can continue by switching to it. To do this, click the Activate Theme button next to your chosen design. If you don’t like it, click Close and choose a different theme. Remember that you can always go back to your previous theme if there is something wrong with the active theme!

As you can see, activating new themes in WordPress is pretty straightforward.

Changing Your Theme in WordPress: Summary

Activating themes in WordPress is a great way to experiment with different designs for your site. Before switching to a new theme, remember to make sure that all of your existing content and settings transfer over properly, and that any third-party plugins or widgets are compatible with the new design. Remember that some themes may require you to edit your site’s code, so you will need to make sure that all of your custom snippets are saved before changing themes on WordPress.

How to change themes on WordPress? With the right preparation and precautionary steps, updating your theme is an easy process!

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