We asked the right questions, and we’ve got the answer, that’s why Web.me is here.

Difficulty of appearing online and high cost are the main reasons why ordinary people or small businesses decide not to have their own websites.

Web.me is going to change it.

We are a young and dynamic company working in Polish-British cooperation. Our goal is to supply users with a very easy website creator to enable their fast and superb online presence.

A very intuitive and user-friendly drag & drop editor will encourage everyone to finally create their web pages. No coding skills are necessary to enjoy website building and be satisfied with the results.

What is more, Web.me is the pioneer to provide the Pay As You Want pricing system among all web creators. We are willing to suit you well, so the price for the standard package is totally up to you.

Whether for the purpose of a business or personal website, everyone will find their fulfilment with web.me.